Rendering in place- Superior Drummer Multi Channel Problem

I mult out my individual Superior Drummer channels (kit piece mics and Rooms) and use plugins on all.

I’ve tried to render in place both my Superior Drummer midi part, and the individual channels, and the result is the same: Cubase doesn’t render all the channels. I’m trying to render 17 channels, but Cubase only renders 10.

Is this a known issue? Is Cubase limited to 10 by default? Any workarounds?

Are channels 11-17 mono? I seem to recall having this issue with EZDrummer…i was only rendering the latter channels as I didn’t want stereo channels but they wouldn’t render. I didn’t find a solution I’m afraid.

All the kit mics are output mono as (1,3,5,7,9,11,13), but the overheads and ambient mics are output (15/16, 17/18, 19/20, 21/22) and then there are two mono ambient mics as 23 and 25. Cubase renders all the mono kit mics and the overheads (which are split out into two channels in Cubase, which I have to pan L/R) and the left side side of the first ambient mic. After the left side of the first stereo ambient mic, nothing gets rendered.

Thanks for trying to help. I hope someone from Steinberg does.