Rendering Individual clips (Songs) from an audio montage as various file formats Wavelabs Elements

I’ve created a montage for a CD that has various plugins on the master bus and for individual songs as well as some level automation for intro sections etc. I’m trying now to render out the individual songs as wav and mp3 files for on line distribution. When I select a song and render it with the Active track drop down menu set, it renders the whole montage as one file rather than the song I have selected and want. How do I render only each song individually with all the plugins and automation as it is produced when I burn a CD?

I don’t use Elements for any serious work (especially now with the new Steinberg Licensing) but I think this is where you’re going to run into the limitations of Elements.

Last I checked, you can only render Clips in WaveLab Elements which are not 100% the same as CD Tracks.

In the Pro version this is no problem, in the Elements version, I think it’s a limitation but I’m not 100% sure as I don’t use it.

I had to go through the montage and create in and out makers for each song and then render using the region render option from the pull down. You have to be sure to update the region every time you change songs or you will overwrite the files you already created. Not exactly user friendly but it worked.

Ah, in the Pro version you can render a WAV or mp3 of each CD Track in one command. I remember Elements being somewhat limited in this area which is why it’s called WaveLab Elements I guess.