Rendering is changing audio - Maat thEQ Orange Problem

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Yep, appreciate it, but this is not the case here.
I’m using it in the playback section only. it’s not printed ever. Anyway, I already tried without it, just in case… but there was no difference.


Now I see it!
They appear here in the Plugin Map, linked to the old file that was replaced by the new one after I printed it and reset its plugin chain. However, those plugins are not active now, nor are they in any fx slots.
Maybe a buggy “false memory”? hahah

Any thoughts??

The plugin map reports where the plugins are stored (clip / track name, etc). Doesn’t that match what you see in the slots?

No, it doesn’t.
I’m in v12 now . The plugins revealed are attached to v7, which was deleted a week ago or so, and is not in the montage.
No plugins anywhere as I can see here.

If you open the plugin map on the montage you sent me, you can see that, as part of the montage:

I understand, and I see it here. But this clip is not in my montage, and neither are those plugins placed anywhere I can find.
Weird but true.
I will get back to the studio later and try to recreate everything from scratch, then see if it will write a different render or not. If not, the montage is bugged. If the same strange behavior happens, then we have a bigger problem (I hope not).
Anyway, I don’t understand how this is possible.

Look at the picture. There is a micro clip which is likely an edit mistake. See the arrow that show how I could find it.

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Hey PG,

I looked into this. Ye, it was there.
After eliminating this, there are no changes in the file if I render it without plugins.
(i mean, I think this can be related, but I am not 100% sure. What I know is from some point on, I do not have the resulting file changed even when plugins are not loaded)
Thanks for that!

BUT it doesn’t solve the RENDERED MASTER FILE RESULT PROBLEM. It keeps happening

HOWEVER, after digging here and making several tests, I finally have a verdict:

• RESULT: Maat thEQ ORANGE is the responsible, again.

Somehow, it’s not processing as it should when rendering (offline or online) and is changing the whole audio signal response.

The only workaround is to D/A and A/D live recording until now.

Do you think I should try to downgrade to WL 11.2 to check it? Any tips?

Thanks a lot for your time. It was constructive!

Best regards o/

Happy that you have worked things out.

It is up to you, and I cannot provide advice, but maybe think carefully before continuing to use a plugin that is misbehaving this badly.

Plugin Doctor can be a useful tool to see what is actually going on with plugs : Plugindoctor - DDMF Supreme Audio Software

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I always test new plugins before I work them into my daily workflow in WaveLab. I have a core group that I stick to and typically don’t give me headaches.

Plugin Doctor is nice but I don’t think it will expose issues that a given plugin has in a specific host. Too many developers don’t test WaveLab when they make plugins.

I recently made a test montage if anybody wants to use it:

It’s a 96k Audio Montage that has 10 clips of stereo pink noise that are connected for gapless playback so it easily exposes plugins that don’t render correctly, don’t render at all, produce a short fade in at the start of a render, or have other issues.

The montage has no plugins inserted so you can test the playback and rendering before inserting plugins, and then after you insert various plugins.

In theory you should be able to insert your desired plugins on each clip and render the montage in one full pass using “Whole Montage” and still get perfect gapless audio on the resulting render.

Or you can roll the dice and try rendering track by track with a heavy plugin load but I don’t recommend that as the first few samples of each track by track render can be inaccurate, which is whey I render as “Whole Montage” first. The issues I’m speaking of are less noticeable or less of an issue when albums have silence between the songs as most do, but I like to have a workflow that is also prepared for gapless albums with overlapping audio as well.

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I have it and use it. No problems with the Maat Orange there…nor in Pro Tools or S1. Just with Wavelab.

They appear to list WaveLab as " Tested & Approved" on their website but I would report your issue to the plugin developer so they can take another look because it doesn’t seem to work correctly in WaveLab.

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It’s true. I did a comparison between the same file rendered as track. It plays the same but there are differences in the first eight of the file as shown by the delta file. I didn’t understand that but now you’ve told me that, I do.

And thanks for the test montage. It’s very useful!

Can you tell me, if I go back to v11.2 or previous, what could go wrong? Or is it safe?


I would say it’s relatively safe to go back to 11.0.20, but any new features introduced in 11.0.30 will not work or be available.

You typically can’t open a montage saved in WaveLab 11 in WaveLab 10 but I can’t recall if you’ll have an issue opening a montage last saved in 11.0.30 in 11.0.20 You can always re-install 11.0.30 if you find trouble.

I would just start with a fresh project first if you do roll back and make a copy or backup of any current .mon files in case something goes wrong.

Is the Maat thEQ ORANGE really worth this much trouble?

I already reported another problem with the same plugin related to the presets recall. They answered but didn’t fix it yet.
This Orange edition is very buggy with WL11.0.30, as far as I can see. But still, is the EQ I like most the sound to clean up frequencies with negative gain, precisely and without noticeable artifacts.

Ah. Well FWIW, I have found that 99% of plugin issues need to be fixed with the plugin developer and not from WaveLab. Every now and then it’s a true WaveLab fix but normally it’s a plugin developer fix.

WaveLab is somehow more sensitive to 3rd party plugins than other DAWs, and is also under tested compared to other DAWs. Plus, how many DAWs have Clip FX? It’s another reason for plugin developers to closely test WaveLab too.

If you use just Maat thEQ ORANGE in the global master section, does it play and render OK? Often times plugins are OK in the master section but struggle as Clip FX.

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Yes, it seems ok there. For the presets problem I know it is. I’ll check on this render one. It should work.
But still I want to find a way to use Orange in the ClipFX, where I like to work with it :wink:

Often, plugs that work in the master section, also work in Montage Track Effects.

Yes, it’s really the Clip FX where things get tricky which is why I really focus on what’s happening with Clip FX.

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