Rendering issue and other questions


I am really excited to be an early adopter of Dorico, I have noticed a few things in the current release:

  1. I have noticed some odd rendering issues on my windows 10 laptop- see various icons in attached image. This happens occasionaly and can be fixed by restarting Dorico.
  2. I cannot find a way to input notes across staffs in write mode. If the trumpet section is playing a Cmajor chord, I’d like to select the trumpet staves and play a CMajor chord on my midi keyboard to have trumpet1 play the top note in the voice, trumpet 2 the second and trumpet 3 the third etc. Maybe you could suggest an alternate approach.
  3. In another scoring program, my workflow is to ‘write’ all the voices of a section (e.g. Trombones) on to one staff by selecting (say) the first trombone staff in the score and playing all voices as a chord using my midi keyboard. When I have finished writing and am ready to ‘engrave’ I add articulations etc then use the “arrange → explode” feature to break the voices out onto the individual players’ staves. It’s really quick and I can ‘write’ in a condensed score format.

Are you able to suggest a workflow in Dorico which could get similar results to that? I’d like to input and read the voices of a section in a condensed score format during the ‘write’ phase, while having the distribution of voices among players largely automated during engraving.

Thanks for your help,

Dave Prentice

#s 2 & 3 are not yet possible in Dorico, but word is they are planned for a future version.