Rendering issues


I have a weird behaviour when I render, I click Render and nothing happen, I click again, and i have a pop up saying something is already rendering, but I see nothing being rendered at the bottom left… I tried the Select / active track, or the whole montage, same thing.

I managed to rendered it but now i cannot close Wavelab, look:

But, how something can being rendered when there is nothing open!?

More detail is probably required.

What are you rendering … a montage or wav file? Is it stereo or multi channel?

Approximately how long is the track you are rendering?

Is this the latest version of WL 11 Pro?

What OS?

It’s a simple montage, with one stereo track & 2 references.
I have an external effect inserted fyi

Wavelab Pro 11
Mac OS: 12.5

Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 08.58.56

This is the message I have when i try to render the Active Track for example. But agian, when i render something, usually, I see the progress bar on the bottom left, right? here nothing but it’s saying that something is being rendered. And same when i close the montage, and then try to close Wavelab.

Wavelab version:
Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 09.04.00

Hmm I am not sure, because I am not on OSX, but that there are a lot of plugins in that chain … the delay in the render starting may be linked to that. In other words, the render is in progress but has not yet started processing as the system deals with the initiation of the plugin chain. This would maybe explain the message you receive when trying to close WL.

I wonder if you would see the same behavior with, for example, only 1 plug in?

That means rendering has started once but is certainly blocked under the hood for whatever reason. I guess one plugin must be responsible for this.

It doesn’t look like you have the Tasks Tab showing in your layout but it would be interesting to see if anything is happening in there when this happens.

Also, this is A LOT of plugins so that combined with the can of worms that is External FX, I’m not too surprised there is an issue somewhere.

As suggested, I would try rendering with no plugins and build it up from there to see where the issues start to happen.

Indeed, the External FX should better be used alone or with plugins that have no latency, which is not so common.

Thxs for the help here.
Interesting theory indeed, but, it took all night as i didn’t shut down my laptop nor wavelab, and still have the message this morning, meaning the process cannot even start!

I think it’s a wider issue, for example my Master section is stucked and cannot be moved, and i cannot use the plugin in the Master window.
And I have crashes, see crash log here.

Having lots of plugins, well, I understand of course, but at the same time I was hoping that using a professional tool like Wavelab, that cost me couple of hundreds would allow me to not worry about number of plugins, or be relateively safe from crashes, if i’m honest.

Same for external effects, you seem to say that it’s usual to have issues with it?