Rendering MIDI to audio in Cubase 11

When I record MIDI from my Yamaha Genos keyboard > Cubase 10, I must render the MIDI > Audio tracks in real time. This takes forever when I have a lot of tracks.

Can Cubase 11 render external sound synths the same way a VST instrument is rendered?
Do any other DAWs offer this? I would think it would be something very basic that we should have.


No , by nature Hardware synths have to be recorded in real time , there’s no other way to get the data in to Cubase

Okay, thanks FilterFreq. I was hoping :).

It’s always good to hope , it’s one of those things im afraid rendering in real time , at least it works :smiley:

Very true! I wouldn’t even mind if we could set 12 MIDI tracks (for example) to simultaneously record to 12 corresponding audio tracks so that one pass through would do it. I tried that once but it obviously didn’t work. Oh well…

You can record all separately but you need them all to be separate outputs from your devices into separate inputs. Not possible though with a multitimbral synth. Rendering is something that came in specifically for vst instruments so it is all done internally. The sound engine is in the vst instrument. On an external synth the sound engine is in the synth. Only way to get it out is to record. The lines between what midi is and where the sound is has become confusing for many these days.

Hi Lee
I have to record each track at a time from the Genos.
Also split the drum tracks if you want to deal with each part of the kit.
Sometimes i do, sometimes i am happy.
I then split the main track one to different tracks because of recording midi on Genos.
I play a song with registration changes all the way through and get a good take after about five to six goes.
So the lead playing has several changes and needs to be split down to different tracks.
A bit of a pain, but the results are better.

Sometimes i record midi on Genos, go to Cubase 11 to tidy up and go back to the Genos and mix there and record .

No matter what the end result is i put into Ozone 9 to master it to the best of my so far ability and it is not too difficult to get great results with Ozone.
I know you play live and it would be a great help not have to worry about footpedals and flying hands all over the place.
I find it annoying when my foot misses the pedal and puts me out of sink.
Some songs as you know have a drum fills right at the same time your hands goes down on the keys and that sometimes that gets disorientating.
After all most people play an instruments with two hands only, so it is not cheating the public when you have an auto band behind you.
What most people do not realize is a Robot band will not wait for bad timing lol!! chug, chug !!!
Well Lee, Hope all is well with you and family.
Have a great New Year and hopefully see the back end of this virus.
I am now looking at recording vst more and then you can render.
I do not know about you, but i find vst better quality sounds than the Genos.
The clarity of vst’s like Arturia is amazing, so i will have to get my composing head on sometime.

All the Best

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. I do basically the same as you. I record the rhythm parts on the Genos and then split the track into the various drum parts. It makes for a complicated editing process but until Yamaha designs a dedicated recording interface for a PC or Mac, like they did for the Motif series, it will be very cumbersome. I know some members record everything on the Genos, import the MIDI file, and then split it into the various tracks. Where that falls apart is in the seemingly endless task of making sure the Genos reads each required instrument patch. I have yet to get an instrument definition file to work right in Cubase.

What I find strange is when you want to record a certain instrument on the Genos > Cubase, you must toggle the instrument in the Genos from the desired instrument to another and then back again. For some reason, the MIDI track in Cubase doesn’t log the Program change on initial recording. Again, we need a dedicated interface where we can record and then import the tracks into to Cubase for final editing.

Agreed about VST instruments. They are far superior to the Genos, although the Genos SA2 voices are pretty good. Some are unmatched by VST instruments unless you’re willing to spend a ton of extra money :slight_smile: !