Rendering mono tracks to print effects - outputs stereo?

If I use “audio mixdown”, and select a single mono track from the list on the left, when I export, the resulting file is stereo. I would prefer mono though. If I select “mono mixdown” during export, the file is mono, but the volume is 2x louder. Is there a better way to render mono files so I can get a mono file output that is not louder?

I have been creating a temporary unused mono output buss, and just before rendering, I route the mono track to the mono buss… Then when I render, it does indeed result in a mono file that is the correct volume, but this is just more button clicking… I’m hoping there may be a better way?


You approach seems ok. Though it seems weird to me that the resulting mono file/track would be 2x as loud. Just wondering if you have that “dummy” mono output bus already created in your VST Connections and it is available in all of your templates. Then it is a pretty quick process to just choose that bus as the output when you want the mono.

BTW… Mono tracks, I never had a need to use them… ever.

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The “dummy” output buss is not normally created - I am using the outputs for other things, so I end up having to create the buss when I need to do this.

Wow… Every time I record with a microphone, it results in a mono file/track. If I record a drum kit, I have many mono tracks - one for each mic. With large projects, I have MANY MANY MANY mono tracks… some stereo, but mostly mono.

I do record mono sources through a mono bus. But I always record them onto a stereo track. It results in a mono file but it allows my stereo VST insert effects to sound properly.

See discussion here. There are differing opinions about this topic for sure… But I NEVER use or have a need for a mono track as I find the stereo track works as a mono track does plus what I mentioned. Like you, I too have recorded from a mic for vocals and for drum kits. The difference… I record them to a stereo track. Seriously… I really wonder why Cubase even has mono tracks. Please post to the discussion at the attached topic if you have something to add about this topic. Thanks.

About the dummy output bus… If you created one as I mentioned then it would always be available as needed and you would not have to create one when you need it. You would just set it as the output… thus saving the many extra button pushing steps you mentioned

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