Rendering or offline processes?

Very often I have to increase the loudness of a wave file then downsample to 41kHz. As I am quite new with WL8 and what I find the easiest way is to use Process -> Loudness Normalizer—where I can simply set the desired output level to achieve—then I use Process -> Resample…41kHz. (keeping the original file anyway)
But what about rendering with Plug-Ins? I have tried an expander but I have to proceed by trial and error to find the desired ouput level I want which is time consuming! Secondly is Crystal Resampler better than Process -> Resample…? Or the latter is using Crystal Resampler behind the scene?
I would be glad to get advises from seasoned WL8 users!

You could use the Batch Processor for this, even to process one file.