Rendering processes never end (DOP)

If I mark several events, e.g. 20 of them, and add an effect in the DOP (e.g. Wave Z-Noise or iZotope RX11), it can happen that 14 events are rendered and the rendering of another 6 events never stops. You can still save, even if the rotating circle still shows that work is still being done.
You can even end the project and when you restart it, the rotating circle will show that the events are still being processed.
You then have to delete every single Plugin in the DOP from the event and create it again.
I don’t see any pattern as to when the problem occurs.

Since we have Nuendo on 4 computers, this is not a random constellation, as the computers are configured very differently. (Windows 10 Pro / 11 Pro)
We have had this problem for more than 5 years in all Nuendo versions and countless Windows updates and multiple PC installations.
It only works - if you render each event individually (thanks very much)

When will something happen here - or are we the only ones in the world where this happens?

Well, I use DOP regularly with multiple events selected and I don’t get the problem you have. With ‘single’ processes I think I’ve done as many as >200 in one go. It obviously takes a bit of time depending on the CPU but it completes just fine for me. If I’m doing multiple processes - a batch - I’ve done maybe 20-50 at most, but it still completes without problems.

This include RX: declick, voice denoise / Acon: Derustle, voice extract, Dereverb / stock Frequency EQ, and more.

Specs in sig.

Thank you.
Let’s assume you have a recording (concert) that’s one hour long and you’re editing it in DOP with a Waves Q10 equalizer. Then you divide the one hour event into 20 new events (20 songs). Then the Q10 will be involved in all 20 events.
Now let’s change the Q10 a bit at 1 of 20 events.
If you now push these 20 events together into the DOP again, for example with iZotope RX, then the dilemma begins (but not always). Especially if such events are divided into the third generation, it is completely over.
(We restore old analog cassettes and tapes for archives)

I can’t recall if I’ve used that exact sequence of events on long files, all I can say is that I’ve never experienced what you describe.

Thank you.
We reported the problem to German support years ago and they were able to recreate the error. Unfortunately I can no longer find the email.
I’m trying to find the email and narrow down what is causing the error.
It would be great if it worked very well for everyone else and we were the only one producing some borderline case. This will take a few days - but it happens every day for us.

Hi THAmbrect.
I don’t know if I understood it well, but if I did, I think I can help. Forgive my “poor” english.
If you have a 1 hour event and you split it into 20 new events, than you’ll have 20 - 1 hour events (even if the new events have 3 minutes each). Cubase and Nuendo understands that DOP has to apply the plugin to each 3 minute event, but it reads each event as a whole and that’s a 1 hour event…and thats why it takes forever. It shouldn’t, but its how it works. The workaround is to bounce each 3min clip into a new event and then apply a new DOP plugin. I know its not the best solution because you lose the “undo” function of each plugin, but!!!
Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I solved this kind of problem.
Let me know if it worked


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Nope. It keeps the same size. Drag the splitted audio to a new track and resize it. All data is there.

I don’t think it processes the whole Clip or keeps processing the individual cut on and for all the cuts to infinity, but rather only the in and out once and than the next and the next on the original clip…or I am not able to follow.
the OP might be facing some other issue.

Thank you.
“Audio = Create New version” is always set that way.
Today I have recordings where the events are neither edited nor divided. Nevertheless the problem still exists.
I will investigate over the next few days whether this is related to the fact that we are pulling the plugins from the favorites.

Maybe the problem is that we are getting the plugins from the “Favorites”. So we pick the chain Z-Noise, C1-Gate and L1 Limiter (all 3 are waves) as a chain from the favorites. We now notice that the problem only occurs when using this chain (no matter in which order or whether only 2 or 3 plugins).
I would have to test whether this only happens when the plugins are fetched from favorites. Or even if you use the plugins from the insert effects and drag them into the DOP “immediately” one after the other. Or wait each time “until each one is finished”.

The problem may also be that Nuendo has a problem when you drag multiple plugins into the DOP for multiple events at the same time.