Rendering quality of transients

I feel like this topic shouldn’t even be an issue at this point, but, I’m noticing, over a longer period of time now, that transients, particularly the snap of a kick drum or snare renders slightly differently than the real time playback of the mix.

Typically, I’m getting a dance kick snapping nicely in the mix, I render it, and then wtf ? seems to always render lower in level than where I was hearing it in the mix.

There’s nothing on my mix bus and even if there was it should render exactly the same as the real time playback.

Anybody have any idea ? Is there any difference in an offline render versus a real time render ?

What file format and setting do you use when doing a mixdown?

Check your auto-fade settings if you are copy pasting an audio sample for your kick / snare throughout the track.
If you have auto-fade set globally it may be robbing them of their transients - you will need to disable this on your transient important tracks.

44.1kHz-24bit. The Project Settings and render settings are exactly the same.

The kik sample is off of a VSTi so there should not be any issue of an auto-fade. But, even there there was an auto fade, I should be hearing what I’m hearing and then the render should be an exact copy of what I’m hearing.

Doing a null test this morning. Will report back.

Well hell.

The real time playback of the mix peaked at -8.5 dbFS

I imported the render, flipped the phase 180 degrees and no null. Not even close. -9.4 dbFS.

O.K. trying to Trash Pref’s…let’s see what happens.