Rendering Request Routing

When I render a track, I have the choice to do it with the processing (plugins, eq, channel strip…) or with all the routing assigned to it (bus, send, master etc…).
What’s annoying is that if I just render the parameters of the track without going through a group, the rendering still includes the sends which are nevertheless a routing and this is not normal.
To simplify it would be good to choose in all circumstances with a checkbox everything I want to integrate (eq, insert, channel trip, send, bus, master bus), it would be much simpler and clearer, wouldn’t it?

Another thing, if I render a track with the full routing of a track called “Clap” it assigns it not the name “clap (R)” but the name of the main output…this is not normal
I love this software on which I spend my days for my work, but at the interface level, there would be a lot of things to simplify and clarify. I wish I could shed some light on it :slight_smile:
Sorry in advance for my google translate in English :wink: