Rendering timer longer in 7.5?


Doing some stems right now, and the rendering time in cubase 7.5 is around 15 minutes for the stems I am doing, so I stopped it.

I opened the same project in Cubase 7, rendering time is about 4 minutes.

What’s wrong with 7.5?

I also find rendering time really long… but my Cubase projects are usually full of plugins , either VSTi or FX.

I’ll do some test with Cubase 7 and see if it’s as slow as 7.5

Have not noticed this issue but I’ll do some tests here as well.

Yes. Rendering times ARE longer. I do this on a daily basis and noticed a very strange thing i’ve never seen before : often (but this is unfortunately unpredictable), it is done more or less in real time while you asked for a non realtime bounce, you can see the cursor moving forward while it bounces. And it takes ages.

Cubase has too much BIG problematic bugs, but it’s too time consuming to describe them.