rendering tracks

Hi all, I am trying to render all my tracks in a song so I can take them to a professional studio to have mastered. Anyone know how to have each track saved individually?

Open the File menu and select “Audio Mixdown…” from the Export sub menu.
The Export Audio Mixdown dialog opens.By activating the “Channel Batch Export” option you can choose to mix down several channels in one go. For each channel, an individual file will be created.-

look for Export Audio Mixdown- ctrl /f in the manual.

Rita, thanks for the reply. I did forget to mention in am using Cubase elements 7. I do not see the “Channel Batch Export” option. perhaps it doesn’t come with this version :frowning:

You have export audio on your file menu?

That exports audio between the locators so you would just keep moving the selection and saving each track.

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