Rendering vs Exporting & Reimporting Tracks

Are there advantages or disadvantages to rendering versus exporting and reimporting a track during the mixing process. For instance, I often comp a vocal track, render it, pitch correct the rendered track, and render it again for use during the final mixdown. The alternative would be to export and reimport the track at each stage back into the project. I am usually doing the rendering dry and transferring all the inserts, sends etc. Is there a difference in audio quality between the two methods?


It has been discussed here on the forum already.

For Audio tracks the differences are not so big as for the Instrument Tracks.

The obvious advantage of the Render is, you can choose the point, where do you want to render (dry/wet/output…). The advantage of Export Audio Mixdwon is, you can do multiple exports at the sam time and you can also export FX/Channel/Output busses.

For your usecae, I would recommend to use Render in Place.