Rendering WAV files

Hi quick query…

Whenever I render WAV files from an audio montage, I noticed that the WAV files are automatically opened in Wavelab. So, say I have a montage with 10 tracks, and I go to render the WAVS. Now, I have 10 open WAV files in Wavelab that I need to close before continuing work.

Is there a setting if I DO NOT WANT TO OPEN WAV files when they are created from an audio montage? I noticed that if you switch the output file to MP3, it doesn’t open in Wavelab. How do I stop this from happening with WAV files?


You don’t have to look far in the forum to find (1) the hint that if you select for the new files to be shown as a montage you have only one window to close instead of ten, and (2) that PG has said there will be an option to control this in the next version.


sweet, k thanks.

and thanks also for pointing out that I don’t have to look far in the forum. :neutral_face: Not exactly the easiest thing in the Wavelab forum to search out.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude; when I wrote the reply, the very next thread in the forum listing was about this subject. Anyway, glad the hint helped.