Rendering with reverb

I want to batch process a number of small audio files with a reverb plugin.

As it turns out, the reverb tail is trimmed to the length of the audio file, when of course it should be extended to allow for the reverb tail to decay naturally. Can this be accommodated somehow?


You could use the Audio Injector plugin to first add an empty audio file to each processed file. First you need to decide the necessary length for the reverb tail, then create a silent audio file of that length and use that for the Audio Injector. Should work…

Or you could look at the Resizer plugin to create a longer resulting file, but I’m not very familiar with that one. First of all you need all original files to be the same length.

There is a dedicated plugin to use in this case, the plugin called “Silence”.

Ofcourse! Much better indeed. Goes to show how easily one reverts to his own ways, and how much is possible…

Hi Philippe and Arjan,

Thanks for jumping in, although I’m afraid I can’t quite follow your suggestions. When you say plugin, are you referring to what goes in a slot in the master section? I don’t have a ‘Silence’ plugin here. Is this a 3rd party plugin available separately or was I looking in the wrong place?

I’d appreciate if you could walk me through that procedure. A batch processor for adding a second or so of silence to the end of the files would be fine, too, as long as it gets the job done.

Thanks much,


Gosh, that was fast - I was just about to write that I found the plugin! Now I have to wrap my head around its usage. Thanks again (for the time being :mrgreen: )


Yep, it works!

Big bow, big thank you!!! You just saved me at least two painful weeks of manual editing agony. What a sunday gift, woo hoo!!

Back to work,