RenderInPlace kills certain VSTi audio permanently

Cubase Pro 13.0.30 on Windows 10

Twice today I’ve had VSTi instances stop producing audio after I rendered an event in place. It only affects the instance. If I load up a new instance of the same plugin it plays normally. However once I render an event on that new channel it will also die.

Restarting the software/computer does not fix this. They are permanently dead/muted.

Krotos and Spitfire VSTi’s so far that I’ve noticed, same behavior. Can be reproduced. I managed to fix the Krotos Weaponiser audio after clicking furiously around the Inspector but I’m not exactly sure what fixed it, and I haven’t been able to repeat the fix.

There’s been some other weirdness around RenderInPlace as well, similarly missing audio, but not as reproducible as what I’m describing above. I just moved to 13 during the sale. Hate to say it but this is a deal breaker for me. I use the render a lot. Going back to 12.

Well this is awkward. It’s happening in 12 too. Maybe it’s these VSTs, which are not ones I use often. Thankfully I haven’t seen this happen yet on NI plugins.

Not sure if there are known cases of RenderInPlace breaking certain plugins. I used this feature every day for a year on 12.0 and not encountered it before, but granted it’s with an NI plugin 90% of the time.