Renotate RH piano into both staves (split point)

I’m very new to Dorico coming from Sibelius (and Finale). I accidentally recorded my piano part into just the right hand. In Sibelius I could select the RH part and the blank LH part, apply renotate and it would split the notes based on a specified split point. Then I would have both a RH and LH part. I can’t find anything in Dorico that can do this. If it isn’t possible I have to say it’s hard to believe such a sophisticated program doesn’t have such a basic function in it.

If this was possible in Dorico (and the manual makes it sound as if it only would work when notes were played in, the this part of Play was lost in the rewrite of the Play engine and has yet to be restored.

cf. the “Result” paragraph of this section of the yet-to-be updated manual.

Once the Play upgrade has been completed, the manual will be updated.

Not sure that function exists in Dorico, but have you tried filtering by lowest note in a chord? Or have you tried the marquee tool to select notes under, say, middle C, in Galley View? These will get you part of the way to your solution.

This is only a wild guess, so it might be more trouble than it is worth, but here goes:

When opening/importing a MIDI file, there is an option in MIDI Import Options to set a split point for grand staff instruments: File > Import > MIDI… > Import Options (select the piano part, then at the bottom of that window click the “<” to see the split fixed point option). My speculation is that if it is possible to export only the piano part (which you played in, and has both hands on the one staff) as a MIDI file and then open/import that file, setting a split point when the MIDI Import Options window displays, that might save you some time and effort.

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I’ve figured a few workarounds, filtering being the best. But it’s time consuming. At this point I’m evaluating and learning Dorico so it’s not a critical issue.

The process in the page you linked to works great. I just forgot to select both staves and everything showed up in the RH part.

I thought about the export/import option but what I’m doing isn’t too critical.

This is new and valuable information for me.

Is it correct that this panel cannot be expanded to see more than a sliver of the lower/expanded panel? If so, wish that would change.

No, you should be able to resize it by resizing the dialog overall, and you should be able to scroll up and down within the dialog as well.

Okay. I see if I maximize the panel I can see the whole thing.
If the opportunity to make such panels “stretchable,” without expanding to full screen, that would be a plus–not a necessity compared to other things, but a plus.