Renotate tuplets?

This is from a midi export (there’s a bunch of these). I think it would be much easier to read if it were notated as a single beat, tuplet quarter rest+8th played note, and a regular quarter rest on beat 4.

I can’t seem to figure out how to alter what it’s decided to notate it as a tuplet covering the half bar instead of just the one beat. Suggestions? Thank you!
Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 5.15.32 PM

Can’t say without the MIDI and what not, but clearly metrically it’s encoded as 8/2 if I got that right (tuplets still confuse me a mite)- 8th note tuplet in the space of two beats.

This is not easy to solve, but I found a workaround: If I add a dotted quarter to the end of the triplet (which is equivalent to a regular quarter on beat 4) and Requantize the bar, Dorico rewrites the triplet the better way. Then I can delete the quarter on beat 4.

I tried doing this on multiple staves at once, with the added note only in one staff, and it worked only on the staff with the added note. So that’s a lot of dummy notes to add and delete. There must be other ways …

Yeah, it’s approaching it like 3 quarters in the space of 2, when that’s totally unnecessary. I even went back to the midi to make sure it didn’t cross the beat at all, so it’s very clearly an 8th-triplet, yet it still imports like this - and I don’t know how to force Dorico to notate it as just a single beat triplet instead.

Ah…yes that worked for me too. Extending the carat over multiple staves means I can process multiple staves at once. Once I’ve done it once, it might also be faster to copy/paste and transpose the notes afterwards instead of re-doing the rhythm every time.

I hesitate to mark your response as the “solution” since it’s…well, it’s one thing to do some awkward steps in a panel or something, and it’s something else to deliberately input errors to force a notation and then fix the errors. lol

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Also, doing this results in 2 8th-let rests plus the 8th note, instead of the preferable quarter+8th under the bracket. I’m unclear how to force that change either. Is it possible to…Force Duration the rest??

Just tried it and now I regret doing so. It’s made the quarter-triplet-rest into a sub-bracketed 3-8th-triplet rest, and even pressing undo and unchecking force duration now won’t get rid of the 3-bracket, even if it gets condensed down to a dotted-quarter-triplet-rest! YIKES!

Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 6.45.47 PM
Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 6.45.41 PM

When I did it, I set the quantization to eighth note for both regular notes and tuplets. Let me know if that doesn’t make the difference.

Oh – And I’m assuming you’re in 4/4. If it’s 2/2, it probably won’t work.

Just tried it, made not difference whether I had both set to 8ths or 16ths. And yeah, I’m in 4/4.



I came up with a more global solution that worked for me:

Shift the meter temporarily so the barlines come one quarter earlier (right after the eighth note). Then requantize. Then put the meter back.

Edit: Changing the meter to 1/4 temporarily is even easier.


Thank you @Mark_Johnson and @fratveno for both of your solutions!

The meter change trick does get it to appear as one beat triplets, which is the most important part, though it definitely feels a bit wrong to deliberately input an error (1/4 meter) to force the behavior - but it’s certainly much much faster!

The gif from @fratveno does actually appear to be using the functions as their intended use, and also fixes the remaining rest, so I’ll be doing the last couple steps there to finish the engraving fix. Copy/paste will speed up the process a bit wherever I find identical material too, which is a fair amount, in this case.

The thing I love about Dorico on this is that changing meter is completely non-destructive of rhythmic notation. In Finale or Sibelius you have to worry about notes getting tied over different barlines; in Dorico when you put it back, everything is as it was.


Oh yeah, meter changes are an utter nightmare in Finale (my other main). Or moving something rhythmically, like just wanting a darn note an 8th earlier. :exploding_head: