Rent to own?

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A few months ago in a discussion on this forum (perhaps Dorico 5 most wanted or a similar topic) I suggested going for rent-to-own model on Splice as the price of the pro version can be really intimidating, and I just saw now the facebook post from Steinberg about going rent-to-own for Cubase, amazing !!
(I mean I would have been happy if I this option was available 10 years ago haha, but now that I own the pro license I’m more happy for the people I teach to direct them to this option rather than to Studio One that was already available at 15€/months on Splice)

So what about Dorico now ?

Same situation for me : I’d have been happy if it would be available on Splice 3-4 years ago as it took me a while to be able to afford the one-time fee from Elements to Pro (thanks the team for the 40% off sales you ran :grin:), but now I’d be happy to tell my students that they don’t have to pay a 600€ fee in one time to get access to engrave mode (and much more of course)

Is it in the plans ?

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Until an announcement is made, they’re not going to tell you first.

Education price is around €300, and if they’ve already bought Elements, then they’ll only have to pay the difference.


I teach private lessons not in a school so I don’t think any of my students would be able to get the EDU price ; and even in this case it’s a lot of money for most people as a one-time fee.

And as for what they want to tell us or not, if you’ve been around here for longer than a few weeks you’d know that they often talk freely about some of their roadmap, not everything of course but I don’t quite think this would be a sensitive topic, especially since now Cubase goes down that road.
When they announced no more dongle they announced it for several softwares and that some would be available later

I’d personally be open to Dorico being made available via Splice, but we’ll have to see how our new partnership with them works out for Cubase and Backbone, and then make a joint determination about whether any of our other products would be a good fit for their offering. Right now there are no plans, but that could certainly change in future.

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