Reopening old .ARR files in 2018 (Mac OS X)

How does a Mac OS X user in 2018* find a way of opening
ancient .ARR etc files from the olden days?
(*ie an INTEL not PPC Mac user, and not requiring the use of an auxilary PC)

Sierra 10.12, 2016 Imac

I’ve been trying to find an answer for a couple of weeks and have essentially given up the search - hence posting here.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks for reading.

Bump… anyone?

According to this thread: using older all and arr cubasis and cubase files - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
…one needs SX3. However, this is not a solution: SX3 requires PPC ie redundant Mac architecture.
Hence this thread. Surely there is a way?

Use a PPC Mac or use a windows PC or find someone who does it for you.

How is this helpful?
It doesn’t answer my question.
It is arguably not reasonable or realistic to expect a person in 2018 to buy an old PPC Mac to perform a function that Steinberg
surely can offer a solution to. The whole point of the question is: There are session files which Mac users in 2018 are disadvantaged against reopening. How do we overcome this in a reasonable and practical manner, and to my thinking this means finding a solution which a 2018 Mac user can use personally without resorting to using a blinking PC. What the heck. If I wanted a PC I’d have bought one already.

Sure it does. Just not in the way you had wanted to.

No. No, it doesn’t.
Original post has been edited to reflect the actual spirit of the question:
How does a MAC user (NOT a PC user) in 2018 (ie in the age of INTEL MAC machine) open or convert previous Cubase files (.ARR etc).

… but by all means, feel free to keep trolling, if that seems to make you friends…

No matter if you like it or not - still the answer remains the same - for you minus the part with the PC then. Steinberg provide the Software, you need to get the Hardware to run it. This is the same for all - no matter if PC user or Mac user.

Now guess why - cause that´s the only one you will get… :unamused:

I´m not here to make friends. I´ve got a real life.

Thanks for the bump, svennilenni :slight_smile:

Looks like it can be done. Hopefully something in these threads will help you.

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Thanks, there is a detailed run-down there of what to do…

quite a task but at least it’s possible.
I appreciate it!