Reorder Group/FX in VST Connections and Mono/Stereo

Feel like I’m going crazy trying to set myself up a mix template. Just upgraded to 8.5 to see if it would solve the problem, but it hasn’t.

I use all available Fx channels in my template and every day and it is annoying me that I cannot swap a stereo fx channel for a mono one, or be able to reorder them in the VST menu without deleting and starting over again.

This is particularly annoying as I use a lot of outboard effects and if for example the track I am working on only has a mono drum room track, rather then a stereo. I try to conserve my outboard by only using only one for the mono track. But if I want to do this, I need to delete the FX track, create a new one, reroute the sends and then repatch the outboard in with the external effects to split it as mono.

It wastes so much time. Surely fx and group channels can be able to be reordered in VST Connections and should be able to be toggled between mono/stereo.

As for the external effects can they be used in the same way that stereo inputs work. (either stereo, L or R) to save the repatch every time I want to spilt either side of a compressor.

Another handy feature would be able to have different banks of groups/FX (In vst manager be able to have a block of groups tracks for “Subgroups” followed by a bank of FX for reverb followed by a block for Master groups ETC).

This issue is making me consider moving to a different DAW.

It seems needlessly rigid.