Reorder pages in an arrangement


I’ve seen the youtube tutorial on re-ordering pages in an arrangement but for some reason when I select the page I need to move it doesn’t change in the layout. :confused:
This was successful with another page in the same layout so I suspect it has something to do with how I set up my master pages.
I originally wrote this arrangement without regard to the master page setup so I may have made a structural gaff. :unamused:

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Did you use the arrows in the icon section under Pages? That should insure that any overrides are moved with the pages. If it seems really messed up, take note of the structure you want to retain, and remove all page overrides and start anew. Most likely, you may need to right-click certain pages and make Master Page Changes to reflect your desired results. If the arrangement is pretty basic (only contains music), then set the first page to Master Page “First” for only this page, and set the next page to Master Page “Default” for this page and all pages following. If you are totally stuck and it’s something you don’t mind sharing, you could zip up the file and post it in the Forum, and I’m sure someone could help you out. :slight_smile: