Reordering Group/FX Tracks in selection window

Is there anyway to get the arrangement of the group/fx tracks in the selection window to be the same order as they are in my project? I’ve attached two files to explain.

In this first image you can see that the order I have put the groups in is the same in both the project window AND the VST connections window. Re-ordering them in the project window re-orders them in the VST connections window which is (to me) logical behavior.
In the second image however, when I try to assign a track to a group, the selection window only displays them in the order they were CREATED.
This has become an issue for me since my template has several hundred midi tracks where the audio returns from VEPro are each assigned to a corresponding group track for stemming. As my template goes from project to project, I have to readdress the way I stem things depending on the type of music and hence I have to alter group tracks. Both my FX and Group assignment windows become very disorganized after a while and to straighten them out, I have to re-create groups/fx tracks from scratch in the order I need them and then Reassign all the instrument returns to the proper groups. A VERY time-consuming process.

Currently I’ve just had to accept having a very disorganized bussing selection window.

Is there anyway to get the selection window to follow the order of the VST connections?

Thanks!!! :smiley:

Yes please. For me it would already be a big improvement when the list is always automatically presented in alphabetical order. My group channels have standardized beginnings of their names, such as SG 03… or Grp05…
So all groups together, then all sub groups and then all stems (Stm 07 …).
Then, whenever I add a new group it will show up at the expected line in the list.
Thank you.
PS If this has been solved in the meantime I am sorry to bring this up, but I could not find a solution in this forum.