Reordering Musical Scales

Is there a way to reorder musical scales in the Musical Scales Setup dialog box? Currently, they are ordered chronologically, with the latest one I set up at the bottom. I would like to order them manually. I have about 30 scales and hunting for the one I need is cumbersome.

Yes, if you are comfortable with editing xml files. The file to edit is %appdata%/Steinberg/Cubase 12.-.60/Scale Presets.xml


Does this make sense?

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Fantastic! I can deal with the XML files.

enjoy! Don’t break anything! :smiley:

Could you elaborate a little bit? What did you change in the XML file?

Everything between the Object brackets (obj) represents one scale. See the grayed-out area in the image above. Just reorder those segments to your liking. Be sure to save the original file in case you misspell something. Use a Notepad type simple editor.

Oh, that’s easy. Thanks!