Reordering tracks?

A nice easy question that I suspect I know the answer to…?

Is it possible to reorder tracks in Cubasis?

I’m finding that after the initial take I have a midi track, an audio track, and subsequent AB effects tracs for the same material but the are all over the place depending on when I record them. The ability to move tracks would be helpful and group tracks would be great.

Group tracks would be nice


reordering tracks is possible: Longtap on the track until a white rectangle appears and drag the track to your desired location.

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You’ve made my day :slight_smile:

I had tried that already but I must have tried to drag before the white box came up. It’s a simple feature but it’s really helpful!


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I am always glad to help :smiley:

Have fun with Cubasis.

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Hi Frieder what about grouping tracks