Repair bugs and New Features

I wish to have repaired all bugs from all previous version of cubase, because it is iritating if you have new cubase and all bugs existing again. One iritating bug is when you click on Edit Instrument chanel Setting to set volume or pan and you play masterkeybord to hear instrument but you can’t hear because your marked track is not marked after you click on Edit Instrument chanel Setting.

Wishes: Many of us composers wished to have audio volume chanel under every midi track if this track/chanel is sent (routed) to any vst instrument. E.g. we use instrument track (kontakt or similar) and we have 8 instruments in one instance of sampler and unter this track we have separate midi tracks directed for all instrumnets in this sampler. Now we have to open(show) automation from first instrument track to see audio volume chanel. Problem is also to have easy name of this audio chanel. Can you do possiblity (button or something similar) which name this audio chanel easy e.g you click button on midi track and it automaticly name audio output with the same name as midi track.

Next wishes. Generic Remote - We need auto select adjusted/selected controller from upper box to bottom box. Searching every time is time consuming and burdened with errors

Just saying… you might want to follow this guideline:

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