Repeat and Splice

HI All - I’m sure this feature is to be found somewhere in Cubase but I haven’t found it yet so I’m hoping someone can help me. All I want to do is select a region, repeat it (any number of times) and splice the resulting repeats into my track rather than pasting them over existing material. In DP (from which I’m migrating) this is an option in the Repeat dialogue window. I’m wondering if I have to create a macro to achieve this?

The DP options give great flexibility in how the data is handled. From what I can tell, Cubase only merges the repeated data with anything that might lie in its way…

Any thoughts?
DP Repeat.png

I’ve always liked that feature in DP. Hopefully Steinberg will implement it. In the meantime, I typically make my selection, copy, P (to move the locators to the range of my selection), keypad 1 to move the cursor to the selection start, Edit->Range->Insert Silence, paste. Not as good as DP’s splice paste of course, but it’s the closest I’ve been able to get to it.

Thanks for the tip (and the prompt response!). Works well for a single repeat and is very macro-able. How would you approach multiple repeats of the same material?

Sorry, aside from the obvious: do the “Insert Silence, paste” steps as many times as you need, I don’t have any bright ideas on how to do it.

Anyway, +1 for this feature request.

Here’s the macro if anyone is interested

Thanks GlennO - Now trying to replicate Snip. Obviously Cut time does this, but I’m trying to finesse it with a macro that heals heals the separation automatically. Is there a way to trigger to glue tool without having to do it manually?

Sorry, I don’t know. I guess my snips are usually on event boundaries, so I haven’t had the need to do any gluing.