repeat audio

i want to repeat a one bar audio hi hat loop.i click on the audio and then edit/functions/repeat. i want to repeat it 300 times,but the values box keeps going back to 100 when i click on “ok”
is 100 the maximum that u can repeat audio? or am i doing something wrong?

don’t know if it’s a limit, but workaround:
Repeat 100 times, select all and hit ctrl-D twice, should get you 300.

sorry ive confused myself.
its actually on a hi hat midi loop 1 bar.i use the range tool,then edit etc. i can only do 100 repeats.

any clues?

ctrl+k still only allows me 100 repeats.
any clues?

Copy the part twice and glue all three together, then repeat 100 times?

If you are likely to want to always keep them the same, then do ghost parts…ie editing any of the parts makes them all change together.

For me however, I find that individual hi-hat parts often need tweaking at specific points in the arrangement - in which case don’t use ghosts…

ok thanks. but i cant understand why cubase only allows 100 repeats.wots that all about?