Repeat Bar Lines on 1st + 2nd systems

It appears the last bar line in the first system is associated with the first bar in the second system.
I wish to create an End repeat bar line in the first system, as well as a Beginning repeat bar line in the first bar of the second system.
This is visually logical and seems easy enough to implement, however oddly enough it doesn’t work. I can only draw ONE Repeat bar line out of the two positions in question.
Are there Engraving options hidden somewhere to enable the possibility to create both Repeat bar lines, or must I create a separate music frame for system 1?

You can enter a combined end+begin repeat by typing :|: in the shift-B popover (or find the appropriate double barline in the panels on the right).

Are you trying to replicate exactly that lead sheet? Chances are you won’t be able to have that G Clef inside the repeat section on the first system, simply because it’s plain wrong. Of course, anyone can understand it. But it’s nonetheless wrong, according to logic (and to Elaine Gould pp 234-235).

@PjotrB Thanks!!! I see the trick. That was too easy!! ;):wink:
@ Marc no I don’t wish to replicate the whole chart, just needed the idea on how to resolve both repeat braces. Thanks anyway. :wink:

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