Repeat bar not aligned

Hi friends,

I can’t get the start repeat to align with the double barlines that is in the other parts on my score. It adds a single barline where I want the repeat to start…

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 11.37.42 am

Any thoughts?

thank you

Is there (or was there) anything between the single barline and the start repeat barline, such as rests that have been removed or a time signature which has been hidden? Showing signposts might reveal something.

A recent post had a similar situation, with a solution:

The easiest way for others to diagnose the problem is to post a cut-down version of the project which contains the problem section.

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Yes there are hidden time signatures that I’m now having trouble deleting, they just go back to being ‘hidden’ … !

Try deleting each barline , not the signpost.

unfortunately that doesn’t work …

Sorry, can’t help further without seeing the project file.

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