Repeat bar problem

In the attached document I have four pages. Pages 1 and 2 are the first section and pages 3 and 4 are the second section. Both are played twice so there should be a repeat bar at the end of page 2 and then a pair of repeats enclosing 3 and 4. However, when I try and put in the repeat at the end of page 2 it deletes the repeats on the following pages and vice versa. I think it has something to do with the pick up bar but I can’t work out how to remedy this. Secondly, this is transcribed for guitar. I want the notation to be at the pitch that it is but sound an octave higher. The tab stave should be reading twelve frets higher as well.
Partita No.2 in Dm - Allemande.dorico (957.5 KB)

Just select the end repeat barline, then type Shift+B for the bars and barlines popover, and enter :||: for a combined end repeat-start repeat barline, and hit Return. You can also create this by clicking the appropriate barline in the Bars and Barlines panel on the right-hand side in Write mode.

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Of course! Many thanks!

I just wanted to mention I’ve been bitten by this exact same situation before too, where I’ve added a start repeat without realizing there was a end repeat out of view. It could be a nice option to allow input of start and end repeats to be additive, so if there is an end repeat on the barline before, and then I click the first note of the bar following and input a start repeat, I’ll automatically get the end/start repeat, instead of removing the end repeat to apply the start repeat.

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I like that idea. Can we imagine someone not wanting the additive action? In other words, wanting to replace a repeat-back with a repeat-forward at the same position (as it currently does)?


When I’m entering things quickly, I’ll often accidentally reverse the order of a pair of key presses. So I might type :| when I meant to type |:.
I can currently just re-type the one I intended to input to correct this, but if it were additive, I would have to first reset that barline to default before re-entering, otherwise I’d get a :||:-type barline which would also be unwanted.

Thanks for the counterexample. But in that case you could just Undo.

I think you mean delete – You don’t want to use an explicit single barline. But Undo is better.