Repeat barline doesn't work for tied note playback?

When one has a tied note, that is slurred over a repeat section, then somehow Dorico doesn’t play the note longer.
For me for example I said, that the repeat should be played 4 times, but so Dorico stops the playback already earlier, because apartently it doesn’t tell the playback to hold the note longer.
I guess thats a bug, or is there a way, how to fix that? I didn’t remember having the Problem in Dorico 3.5, but maybe I just didn’t have such case back then. IN every case it appears now in Dorico 4.0.20

It has never worked AFAIK, because ties over repeats are not implemented yet — we still need to fake the 2nd time with upside-down l.v. ties. Hopefully it will come in due time.