Repeat barline "play n times" issue/bug, moving barline

Had this happen a couple times now where I create a backwards repeat barline, then go into properties to make it a 3-times repeat but when I check “play n times” the barline moves halfway into the previous bar. This also seems to happen if I check “barline joins all staves”, not that I intend to use that property.

File attached for ease. I saved and closed Dorico and it still happens, the barline in question is between 29 and 30.
LTH - All The Love.dorico (447.1 KB)

There’s a small redrawing bug here: the problem is that when you edit the barline then Dorico needs to update the score, but it is getting confused because there aren’t any notes drawing in the bar that has been edited - just a slash region that starts earlier on. It’s not right, obviously, but it’s only a temporary glitch - if you save, close and reopen the project after making the edit it should be fine.

You can also select the slash region and type Shift+Alt+left to shorten it, then Shift+Alt+right arrow to lengthen it again. Might be a bit quicker than closing and reopening the project.