Repeat bars placement

I can’t find a way to move the repeat bar signs above the staff. That would be mendatory in this situation where there’s a meter change.
For some technical reasons, I don’t want to write in 13/4 meter. Of course formatting is not done yet and the 2 reference bars will be on the same system.

Painful as it is, I think you need to go back to faking the repeat here. I’d make the actual repeat transparent with the color property and add both the sign and the number as text objects.
Just curious: are bar repeats over meter changes an established convention? I’ve never seen that before. Then again, I’m hardly ever working in these genres.

Can’t tell if this is an established convention. I’m transcribing…
I know that repeat bars over the staff is common use and in this very case, it would make sense.
But I understand that on pratical programmer side, it might doesn’t make sense.