Repeat bars update?

Would it be possible to hide underlying music when you use a repeat bar? Like it’s possible when using slash region.
And would it be possible to create the repeat bar for a selection, piano both staffs or guitar, bass at the same time?
Would it be possible to have a preference that allows to default hide chord symbols when the music in the bar is replaced with a repeat bar sign?

  1. Is there a particular reason why you need music in these bars at all? If you create a bar repeat region it will automatically play the music in the previous bar.
  2. It seems like currently there is no way to create multiple repeat regions across staves. However, you can easily select a repeat region and then Alt-click in the beginning of any bar in another staff to copy the repeat region.
  3. No. Chord symbols are still kind of a work in progress; it’s also not easily possible to show and hide chord symbols arbitrarily in different staves. This will most certainly be addressed some time in future but there is no ETA.

I have to know if you are representing Steinberg?

  1. I have to export my score as MIDI to Cubase to create backing tracks. It will be a major extra work, if I should copy all those bars manually.
  2. I know that. But it IS much easier just to select, and then hit my button in Metagrid.
  3. This is the reason to my question above.