Repeat Count positioning (Galley view)

This is only in Galley view so it may not be that important, but it’s still strange. With multiple repeated sections in sequence where both repeat counts are set to “Show at start,” Dorico seems to calculate the vertical spacing of the second as if to avoid a collision with a “Show at end” repeat count, even though there is no “Show at end” repeat count there. Oddly, then any tempo and metronome marking at the beginning of the first repeat count then is spaced to avoid collisions with both repeat counts even though obviously it’s nowhere near the second. Everything looks fine in Engrave so this may not be a very high priority fix, but it still is pretty strange looking.

Actually I lied, the positioning is fine in the Score in Engrave mode, but the parts look like this:

All text in the above is the default positioning.

I find this doesn’t happen in a new project, so I suspect there might be something going on in your specific project, Todd. Could you please attach it, or at least a cut-down version of it?

Here’s an example starting from New from Template/Sax Quartet. The positioning is strange in Galley, but then looks fine in the full score in Engrave. If you look at the Soprano part in Engrave it looks fine, but then as soon as a System Break is added like I did in the Alto part, the vertical positioning is way off again. (335 KB)

Thanks, Todd, I can reproduce this now. The position of the system break is significant.