Repeat counts not displaying

I am trying to get the number of repeats (engraving options -> repeat markers -> repeat count) to show at the end of my repeat sections, but nothing is displaying. Am I missing something obvious?

With the repeat barline selected, open the Properties Panel (Ctrl-8). You should be able to change the value there.

I have ‘Play n times’ selected, as well as the count location, but still nothing.

If n = 2, you need to have this option set:

OR locally you need to set this option in the properties panel:

All that is selected, but still they are not displaying!

Save the file.
Select a repeat barline and set the repeat count to a number higher than 2.
Open Engraving Options.
Hold the Ctrl key and click Reset to Factory (in the bottom left corner, where Reset to Saved Defaults normally is).
Close the dialog.

Do your repeat markers show, now?

I think it’s actually the result of a different problem. My repeat bars are getting confused - they end up creating an infinite loop (to a point where I can’t even start the piece playing from after a particular repeat bar). Some of the repeat counts show - but not after it gets into this loop problem.

The problem occurs when I have a repeat bar that doesn’t have a specific open repeat to go back to - but only when other repeat bars do exist before it (Hard to explain! For example having a repeat bar near the end of a piece, but the beginning of the piece has a repeat section in it).

Has anyone else encountered this? It is a problem in a few of my projects, because my band uses quite complex repeat sections.

If you end up with an infinite repeat, it means there’s a good chance your human players will get confused when they perform the music, just like Dorico is. I expect you have an end repeat barline without a corresponding start repeat barline somewhere – can you attach one of the troublesome projects so we can take a look and see what’s causing the infinite repeat?

Here is an example (not one of the actual pieces I’m writing, I hasten to add). The alternative is of course to use a DC or DS, but a repeat to me feels a little simpler.

It doesn’t even allow me to click on bar 9 and play from there - it obviously interprets that as an impossible scenario.
alp (494 KB)

Yup, that’s highly ambiguous. If you need the players to go back to the start after they have played bar 8, you need to add a D.C. marking there. You can hide it, of course, via the Properties panel, if you really prefer confusing your players :slight_smile:


I have the same problem, that the repeat-count-marker does not show, see attached image and project.
Any advise would be very appreciated!

I think I have tried all related settings. Even a “reset to factory” doesn’t help.
A workaround with system text is not an option, as I want to display the repeat count at the end of the repeat and system text breaks multi-bar rests.


Play n (636 KB)

Does it behave like that in all new projects?
Was it somehow a xml import?
If I create a new project, it works for me, but I couldn’t get it working with your projects at a first glance.

  • Yes, it behaves like that in all new projects. (Even in Dorico 3.1 and Dorico 2).
  • It wasn’t an xml import, it was a dorico project made from scratch.

It should display after you go to playback options > repeats and check “play repeats”

Das war es, Sascha. Tausend Dank!!!

Da wäre ich nie drauf gekommen. Es werden ja auch mehrere Voltenklammern angezeigt, ohne daß in playback options “play repeats” angewählt ist.

Scheint mir auch ein Bug.

Seems like a bug to me, too.

It’s not a bug, though I can understand why it feels like one. Dorico doesn’t “know” how many times a repeat structure will actually be played unless it calculates the repeats, and it only calculates the repeats if the option in Playback Options is switched on.

I understand. I thought the Communication was the other way around and the text is just a property of the barline.

Where can I find these playback options?

Where can I find the play back options in Dorico 4?