Repeat direct rendering of already rendered and saved clips

what is your process to repeat a direct rendering of a clip already rendered and saved weeks ago? lets say because customer wants it to be a little bit louder.

Replace Audio? But does this work without any further problems?
Put the new clip on another track in the montage right under the replaced clip and start from the beginning (of course I saved my master track for this clip).
At the end I have no idea how to deal in general with changes on already delivered (mastered) clips in a smart way. Any process descriptions in this area are very welcome.

Whether I’m doing a single, EP, or album, I have a master montage with all the needed plugin processing, and of course all the track markers, song spacing, metadata, and other stuff dialed in.

It’s called V1. I do my rendering process , described in many videos on THIS website and deliver the master files for approval.

If a change is needed to one, a few, or all songs, I simply open the montage, save it as V2, make the needed changes, and then re-render the entire project and deliver it again for approval.

Once approved, I then deliver any other master files/formats needed for the project.

Ok, so you take care to leave the original mixes as they are and store the rendering to different files?
I did a direct rendering to the file and stored it, so the original Mix gets overwritten…

There are many ways to do things in WaveLab so it’s hard to imagine exactly what you have going on, but I always render to a new file so it can have a specific version name, or in the case of EPs and albums, be located in a specific folder name with V2, or V3 in the folder name.

Yes, replace audio in clips in the way. As long as you have your original montage and the same plugins installed on your machine, this should work without issue.

Ok I see.
Here is my workflow:
1 put the mixes to a montage (e.g. for an album)
2 now I enter the audio editor for every clip, do my mastering (master track)
3 when I am satisfied I do the direct rendering in the audio editor and save the clip
4 repeat 1-3 for every clip
5 now I save the montage to a different one where I do the last steps like fades, leading silence …and finally do the rendering (including dithering) to the target format (of course now the plugins in the master track are disabled)

weeks later my customer says: louder please…do you see my problem now?

AFAIU, my suggestion was correct.