Repeat ending lines and rehearsal marks

Is it normal for repeat ending lines to go above rehearsal marks. It’s hard to find examples as rehearsal marks are often eschewed in such cases, but it does not “read” well to have them placed like that in the few cases where they would be required. Rehearsal marks over repeat lines read a lot better.

I thought the same thing, and was going to make a post. But got busy searching for options in all of the menus.

Here is an example that I thought looked odd, and looked over many of the options and couldn’t find options that would fix this. I was unable to find anything dealing with this.
Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 7.24.07 PM.png

It possibly would be better for rehearsal marks to go outside repeat endings, but I think tempos should go inside repeat endings, and tempos and rehearsal marks are positioned during the same phase at the moment so that they can be aligned with each other. Consequently rehearsal marks always go inside repeat endings.

Makes sense, Daniel.

Thanks for the info.


Understood. And I agree 100% about the tempo marks. Still, it is easier at this point - for me personally - to simply not use rehearsal marks in these circumstances as it’s somehow not as legible and is a bit fiddly to deal with in engrave mode.

I agree that it would be better if rehearsal letters were placed above repeat ending lines. A lot of the transcriptions I’m working on for one publishing project have forms where each section is played twice with repeat endings and each section also needs rehearsal markings, so this is coming up a lot for me.

Gould allows for both options.

"Tempo indications or rehearsal marks that coincide with first and second-time bars may be placed above or within the bracket, according to available space.