Repeat Endings Font bug

Just noticed that the Font Styles/Repeat Endings Font setting doesn’t save with a file unless the file actually contains repeat endings.

  1. Create a New file and add a player.
  2. Go to Font Styles/Repeat Endings Font and change the font and size.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Open the file you just saved and go to Font Styles/Repeat Endings Font

The setting did not save with the file, at least for me on Win10. Is this just a bug? I’m not sure why this setting wouldn’t have saved with the file.

If I change the setting, add some actual repeat endings, save the file, then delete the endings and resave it, the font settings seem to save and will be the saved settings when I reopen the file. For purposes of setting up default files for various ensembles, it would be nice if this setting would save as the other Font Styles do though.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve just had a chance to look into this now and can confirm the problem. It’ll be fixed in a future update.