Repeat Endings in 1.0.30?

Sorry if this has already been answered: Will support for repeat endings be in the 1.0.30 update?

Thanks very much!

No, I’m afraid not, but we expect them to be in the following update. Sorry for the disappointment.

No disappointment (well maybe a little about the repeats), but excited to see the 1.0.30 update nevertheless. Thanks for your kind reply, Daniel!


The 1.0.30 update is coming soon. It was supposed to be out today, but we found a crashing bug at the end of last week that means there will be a short delay before it’s ready.

Very disappointing! No chance for publishing scores in a large music publishing house. When will this feature be implemented?

Hi devil’s viola player, this question has been answered quite often in this forum already. They will be in the next update following the 1.10.30 update, which will hopefully arrive very soon.

You mean the update following 1.0.30. I understood it is planned to be released before summer, which is not so soon, but will be really a major release !