Repeat endings lines on all staves

I assume after 30 minutes of trying to answer this question that the answer is ‘it can’t be done.’ If it can be done, then I feel there is something fundamentally wrong with either the documentation or the way the program arranges all of its various setting options. It should not take so long to find a setting or a clue to how it can be done.

I have a Soprano stave and a Bass stave. I’d like the 1st & 2nd ending repeat lines to be on both staves, not just the top one. None of the System Object options does the trick. Nothing in the section about repeats in the documents gives a clue on how to do this.

No, you’re right, James, it’s not possible to do this at present. Dorico only provides the means to show system-attached items on the first staff in a given family at present.

You could work around this by using an instrument from a different family for one of your two instruments and then change its name so that it is named appropriately for the instrument it’s standing in for.

Thanks. That’s why I couldn’t find it in the documentation/settings. BTW, Nice 4.3 update.