Repeat Endings not repeating after D.S. al Fine in Dorico 3 Pro

I have a song with a Repeat Endings 1-3 and 4 on measures 8 and 9 respectively, then on measure 14 I have a D.S al Fine with the Segno on measure 1.
I have selected and checked the Repeat Markers > Replay repeats setting
I have gone into Play>Playback Options>Repeats and checked Play Repeats and Play repeats after D.S./D.C. jump
Yet when I play back the composition and return to the beginning/Segno measure 8 (Repeats 1-3) is ignored and it jumps to the second ending measure 9 (Repeat 4).
I do have a set of Repeat Markers at measures 1 and 2 that replay correctly.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding this issue.

p.s. I did find this topic in another post but that post looked completed so wasn’t sure if I should add my post to a related but completed post for fear of no one seeing my post?

Thank you, Rod
Repeat Markers Settings.png

There is a limitation that Dorico will only play a single set of repeats after a D.C./D.S. jump (e.g. if you have multiple sets of repeat endings before the D.C./D.S. jump, then after the jump only the first of those sets of endings will play back again, with the second and subsequent sets of repeat endings jumping straight to their last time bar), but that doesn’t sound like what’s going on here. Could you perhaps attach the project itself (zip it up first) so we can take a look?

Hi Daniel, I think you got it right as long as we are talking about Repeat Endings. I say that because that is where I am having issues (not knowing about the limitation you mentioned), the repeats that do work are Barline Repeats :neutral_face:| even with multiple in sequence. So it sounds like I have written it correctly, it’s just that Dorico cannot play it back correctly - I saw the message about pushing the next release back into the new year, is this something that might get fixed in January?

It’s certainly on our backlog of things to be fixed, but with the team taking a well-earned break for most of the next couple of weeks it’s not clear what will get done before the next release. I’m dubious, but perhaps it will be possible.