Repeat Endings Not Working Anymore

Working on a copy of a similar project, where in original the repeat endings worked fine.
Now in the new version of project, for some reason, repeat endings stopped working.
Any suggestions/ideas to fix this problem?
I’ve already tried deleting and re-writing the function, but no luck so far.


You appear to have removed the repeat barline? This has probably made the structure of your repeats illogical to Dorico. And if that happens, Dorico will disable the play repeats in playback options.

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Thank you. I see what was missing. Problem solved.

How to solving problem exactly?

If you find that Dorico isn’t playing back repeats in your project, it’s because the repeat structure you have created doesn’t make sense. Without seeing the project itself it’s impossible to say exactly what the nature of the problem will be, but my guess would be that you need to check whether every end repeat has a matching start repeat barline, so that when Dorico is repeating back to an earlier point in the flow, it’s completely clear where it’s supposed to jump back to.