Repeat endings other than beginning?

When I use a repeat ending, it always goes to the beginning of piece. How do I make it repeat farther up in the score without playing the score from the beginning? I couldn’t find an example of this in repeat endings in tutorials.

An end repeat barline (that gets input as part of a repeat ending) will go back to the beginning of the flow or a start repeat barline. You can input a start repeat barline at the position you want the repeat ending’s first ending to go back to.

I understand inserting the barline. Shows the 1. and 2. boxes.

After that you lost me. I see you can stretch it, and change number of repeats, but I don’t see anything that says “start barline”

  1. Select barline you want the repeat to go back to
  2. Open bars and barlines popover as described in link above (press Shift-B)
  3. Enter |:

  1. Press Return.

A repeat ending structure by default includes a repeat barline, but the repeat barlines (the |: and : | ) can be separate items.

Info about different types of barlines here, their entries in the popover are here. Info about repeat endings here.

I figured it out finally. I kept looking for that option in the repeat ending section since it gave me a barline already to start with. (if that makes sense)

I can see how you came to that conclusion. Hopefully the instructions for how to do things like this are accurate in the manual, though, for when it’s not immediately obvious what to do.