Repeat Events Issue

I do not seem to be able to get the following feature to work. It is described on page 215 of the Nuendo Manual. I’ve pasted the description here:

● Move the mouse pointer over the middle of the right event border so that it becomes a pointing hand symbol, click and drag to the right to create a real copy.

Has anu=yone has success with this. I recently bought the Cubase crossgrade, the similar feature works perfectly in Cubase, so maybe there is something I have yet to discover in a setting of Nuendo.

Any help will be appreciated.

Same here, i dont think it available in Nuendo 8( maybe im wrong), but i know it there in Cubase 9 (very useful features especially when making music with sample audio), i have to use the old method in Nuendo 8 (select event , Ctrl K, enter repeat number) :laughing:

Check Preferences -> Editing -> Tool Modifiers -> Size Objects -> Repeat Event. Assign a modifier to this if none exists and then you can use the modifer to repeat events (bottom RHS with the modified tool).

Thank you both for the replies. The tool modifier works perfectly, hopefully the method described in my email will appear in a future update. It was truly wonderful when it was introduced in Cubase.