Repeat function, Value not highlighted

HI All,
This is a small but nonetheless annoying due to how often i do it. The repeat function (Command+K) is something I use all the time and from cubase 4 - 12 it functioned such that as soon as you invoked the command, it would focus the dialogue box and select the default number of 1 etc. This meant that you could type the number in straight away and hit enter, became second nature to me and now the focus is not on the box and the number is not selected so it’s just a bit painful. I guess i could make a macro and then reassign command+k to it, just wondering if anyone else noticed or has a fix i don’t know about?


This is a known and already reported issue. Thank you.

THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN DRIVING ME NUTS!!! Such a pain in Cubase 13!!!

Thanks Martin,
I did a search for this before hand but could see anything quite the same.
Thank you.