Repeat Item behaviour on chord symbols

See screenshots. Grabbing a bar worth of notes and pressing R copies the selection to the next bar but doing the same with chord symbols will paste over the last item of the selection. What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way? Why are we still here - just to suffer?

That’s not the results I get but your best bet is to select notes and chords together before pressing R.

Page 1147 in my PDF manual for Dorico 5 is about Dynamics and Expression maps

Page numbers in the PDF manual are liable to change regularly, as things like additional related links, adjusted pictures, new topics etc can all bump topics forwards/backwards pages. Best to refer to the title of the corresponding section, which tends to change less frequently.

This is exactly the same issue as with repeating slurs. See this thread from last year. Chord symbols don’t have a duration attached to them, so the only way for Dorico to know where you want to start the repeat is Alt-click (or Copy & Paste).

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@lafin and @Lillie_Harris I have edited the OP to remove the rhetorical question about the random page in the manual.

@Lafin fair point about selecting notes and chord symbols. I guess I generally try to stay away from the mouse so I’m used to just Ctr+Shift+right arrow then hitting R.