Repeat Lines

Hi Daniel,
I’m really looking forward to start working with Dorico next week! The lack of repeat lines is quite hard to cope with, but it hope, that they will be added soon. Will repeat lines below the system are possible in Dorico (see picture)?
It has always been some work to do these in Sibelius.


That’s quite an unusual notation, Heiko. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Which publishers tend to double up the repeat ending lines below the system? In principle I don’t see why we couldn’t add it, but obviously it adds work and complexity, and it’s not something I remember hearing about before.

This notation is quite common in the tradition of the “Posaunenchor” (a brass ensemble tradition in the protestant church in Germany; at the moment there about 9000 ensembles with approx. 120.000 players in Germany and other contries), where the players often play from the score and not from parts. This helps the mostly amateur players, who often only read their line instead of the score, to find the repeats. If you want, I can send you examples from Carus, Strube and other publishers.

I’ve just read through the 24-page (!) list of features for Dorico (impressive), but was very surprised that repeat lines, a rather basic feature, would not be implemented in the initial release. Can we get some hint of Dorico’s feeling of importance for this? I’m not sure what kind of “release cycles” you have planned at this juncture. Note, given your team’s previous efforts with Sibelius implementation and support, I have complete faith in you guys! I’m just a bit skeerd about jumping in so quickly (as a small publisher), but I wouldn’t want to miss out on the “limited time” cross-grade pricing either.

The limited time aspect of the cross grade seems quite generous. Months away.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the great 1.1. update, which finally includes repeat endings.
I would like to come back to my question, becaue I would like to publish our next publication with Dorico, but I need these kind of lines (see picture above) below the system on repeat endings.
I know, that this kind of notation is not very common. In Sibelius I can at least create them with a workaround, which is not straightforward, but it works. As long as there are no custom lines in Dorico, I don’t see any workaround for this. (creating graphics outside of Dorcio is not working, because there will be about 150 pages and lots of repeats). Any plans for custom lines in the non to distant future?


I will ask James (who implemented repeat ending lines) how much effort it would add to also draw them below the bottom staff of the system.

Just to let you know, Heiko, that James has implemented this feature as you requested, and it will be included in the next minor update to Dorico, coming (relatively) soon.

After a year on this forum, I’m still totally stunned by both the level of customer support and the implementation speed. You guys are doing an amazing job!

That’s very good news! Thank you, Daniel. I really appreciate the way you and your team are listening to user requests!